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Oqtepa lavash

Roma Pizza - Italian pizzeria chain. Pizzas for every taste, chicken wings, branded sauces and drinks. 5 branches in the city of Tashkent, each of which is ready to deliciously feed you!

A piece of our pizza is a combination of real Italian taste and national flavor. Day after day, we continue to win the hearts of our guests, and they, in turn, share positive feedbacks.

But Roma Pizza is not only about taste, it's also about quality. We carefully monitor the freshness of each product!

What are we talking about, see for yourself at:
1. Sergeli district, Seregeli-8 massif, 13 house (orienting point Dekhkan market)
2. Yunusabad district, Bogishamol street, building 3 (orienting point DTM)
3. Chilanzar district, quarter 3, building 13 (orienting point opposite the residential complex “Novza”)
4. Chilanzar district, Katta Khirmontepa street, 19/1A building
5. Magic city (orienting point opposite the Registan)

You can also order pizza for delivery by calling +998712030505, or Telegram bot t.me/romapizzauz_bot or through our website www.romapizza.uz